Zoren Legaspi, Ginuℓat Ang Pubℓikσ Matapos Niyang Ibunyag Ang Ginawa Nila Ni Ruffa Gutierrez Kahit May Asawa Na Siya


Ruffa Gutierrez and Zoren Legaspi admitted that even after their relationship, they still text and confide to each other to talk about personal matter, especially about their kids.

According to Zoren, “Wala naman kaming bαd bℓσσd sa isa’t isa e.”

“Oo naman! Ang dami na naming ginawang movies,” Ruffa also added.

Their interaction started when Carmina and Ruffa had a live streaming on social media together with their good friend, Aiko Melendez.

Despite of Ruffa and her husband’s former romantic relationship, Carmina and the former formed a good bond and even became “mag kumare”

Added the actor, “Hindi mo alam pag natutulog ka nag-uusap kami niyan. Sabi niya ‘huwag mong ipaalam kay mare ha na nagte-text ako!’”

Then he continued, “Joke lang! Magkakaibigan naman lahat. ‘Yun ang maganda sa amin,”

On an interview way back 2011, Ruffa and Zoren said that they are happy about how their failed relationship turned into a beautiful friendship.

“Kasi napatunayan ko ‘yan nung nag-shoot kami ng movie, marami siyang ni-reveal sa akin na hindi ko akalain.

“At saka yung maturity niya, nakita ko.

“Siguro kung wala kaming family, baka puwede,” the father of twins answered about his insights of him ending up with Ruffa if ever he did not met Carmina.

Meanwhile, the eldest of the Gutierrez agreed.

“Totoo yun, nakapag-open up ako kay Zoren.

“In fairness sa kanya, tahimik siya at hindi niya sinabi sa mga tao yung ni-reveal ko sa kanya noon.

“So, isa si Zoren sa mga taong katiwa-tiwala,”

He also clarified that his wife and his ex girlfriend are genuinely friends with each other.

“Kay Carmina, wala namang problema because she trusts me. At alam naman niya yun.

“Magbabarkada sila nina Ruffa. Nagte-text-an ‘yan.

“Happy rin si Carmina na makasama ko si Ruffa. Kaya wala talagang problema.”

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