Silipin Ang Kalagayan Ngayon Ni Rainier Castillo Matapos Iwanan Ang Showbiz


Do you still remember the famous and popular actor then Rainier Castillo? He is one of the actors that many people admire, especially when he smiles because of his “k1ller smile”.

Rainier was also the Pinoy version of one of the members of F4, Dao Ming Xe, because of his seeming resemblance to it. F4 is the male member group interested in the Taiwanese drama Meteor Garden.

Rainier’s career in showbiz has taken a few years, but many are asking why the actor suddenly disappeared from the industry and his handsome face was never seen in movies again.

What is the life of the former famous actor now? And what caused it to leave showbiz? On the YouTube Channel WhatsUp Pinoy, a video was shared in which it showed what Rainier Castillo’s life was like before he disappeared on television.

It will be recalled that Rainier was first seen on public television when he was 18-years-old and he became one of the participants in the Starstruck Season. Mark Herras won the said competition and Rainier became the First prince.

When Rainier was first seen by the public, the handsome young man immediately noticed that his charisma came from his “k1ller smile”, because he had a perfect mouth shape, which when he smiled, he also came out. his white teeth.

After Starstruck, the young man’s good career began and many projects on GMA Network opened up for Rainier. He was part of the teen-oriented show Click and Joyride. And some of the projects he has done are Mulawin, Majika, Kamandag Fantastic Man and Tasya Fantasya.

But due to the huge popularity and volume of the project, Rainier felt like he was l0sing time with his family, so he decided to take a break first.

“May time na dumating na medyo nakakapagod na rin. Yung halos hindi ko na nakakasama yung family ko, lalo na kapag mga okasyon na Pasko.”

The actor took a break from showbiz and became busy with his heavy equipment business. In 2016, when Viva Entertainment announced that actor Rainier Castillo would return to showbiz, it was after he signed a contract under their management.

But Rainier’s return was not popular with the public, even though he still had some performances in television shows such as Wattpad Presents and Lola Basyang.

Today, the former actor is busy managing the business of his friend actor Mark Herras, which is the parkour gym and urban training ground located at Maguinhawa St., Diliman, Quezon City.

The former actor has also been married to his wife Diane for several years, and now they have their own family and their marriage is happy.

What can you say about this? Do you miss him on the small and big screens? Are you captivated by his killer smile? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.